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Why is there a need for tenant insurance?
You’ve made the decision to rent a storage unit because you value your items.  Unless your storage facility’s management has a policy from SBOA Tenant Insurance, your stored items may not be insured.  You may have a homeowners’ or renters’ policy that extends coverage to items in a storage facility, but the policy deductible may be higher than the value of what you have stored. Call 1-800-792-0345 to protect your property from the unexpected.

How can I obtain coverage?
You can enroll right at the facility office once you have signed the lease agreement and necessary paperwork.  You will pay along with your monthly rental fee. You can also obtain coverage from an independent insurance agent.

What if I want more coverage than the facility offers?
Ask your facility if higher coverage limits are available. If they are not, you could obtain coverage through an independent insurance agent.

Can just any storage facility make SBOA Tenant Insurance available to its tenants?
Only facilities that meet our underwriting standards and approval can qualify to offer an SBOATI Tenant Insurance policy.

When does my coverage start?
Your coverage will start when the necessary paperwork has been completed and signed and you have submitted your first payment.

When does my coverage stop?
This is a pay-with-rent program and is renewed each month when your monthly rent and premium is paid. If and when you terminate your lease and move out of your unit, the coverage will end at that time. Coverage also stops when you cease paying your insurance premium.

How do I file a claim?
Your claim will be handled quickly by Cornerstone Insurance Producers. If you have a claim:

  1. Notify the manager at your self-storage facility.
  2. Report any burglary to the police and save a copy of the report.
  3. Take pictures, create a file for yourself, and provide a copy to the facility manager.
  4. Notify SBOA Tenant Insurance about your loss as soon as possible.

     You can file a claim one of three ways:

  1. Online: through our File a Claim form
  2. Call: 800-792-0345
  3. Email: SBOATI.Claims@cornerops.com

Is flooding covered through SBOATI?
Similar to homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies, damages from rising waters or floods are not covered. Specific flood insurance can be obtained with a separate policy through your homeowners insurance company.

What is the difference between burglary and theft?
Burglary means the act of stealing property by forcible entry into the storage space described in the rental agreement. However, this coverage only applies when such storage unit is securely locked at the time of the forcible entry. Visible signs of forcible entry must be evident. The mere absence of a lock will not constitute forcible entry.

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